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Dolores August.jpeg

Dolores August

Career Development Specialist
Adjunct Professor at UNT
College of Music & College of Business

Dolores August is the Career Development Specialist in the College of Music at The University of North Texas. She directs programs through the Music Career Center, which provides over 500 individual one-on-one student and alumni meetings annually, focusing on guiding students and alumni along their career path, from self-exploration and job searches to material preparation and negotiating music positions. She supports the College of Music, and the university, through classroom presentations and career-related events throughout the year and is instructor for the required Freshman and Sophomore Career Readiness Seminars. Dr. August also teaches courses in Professional Development in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business at UNT.

As a musician, she specializes in historical performance, applying her historical research to performance practice, and performs on Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Modern flutes, her music being praised as a “winning performance” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram). Her concerts have taken her across the United States and Europe, and she has performed with early music ensembles such as the Texas Camerata, Handel and Haydn Society, Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra, Texas Christian University Collegium, Amherst Early Music Baroque Orchestra, and the UNT Collegium, and her doctoral lecture recital Der Dilettant: Salon Music for the Flute in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany was held at the historic Prescott House in Boston, with performance on authentic classical flutes with fortepiano, allowing audiences to experience the music in the space as it would have been heard in its day. She is owner of August Music Services, a teaching and contracting company, and teaches flute and music history classes at the college level.

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