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The NTX Vocal Arts Exchange Team is committed to turning ideas into action, providing valuable knowledge and supplemental skills to enhance the careers of vocal arts professionals. Our ongoing workshops offer essential tools and strategies for building fulfilling and innovative professional careers in the arts and beyond.


Since 2020, NTXVAE has presented a range of workshops, including "Acting Techniques for Singing Storytellers," "Begin Your Future Now!" which featured conversations with renowned sopranos Rainelle Krause and Bree Nichols on strategies for navigating successful career paths, as well as a panel of experts on financial planning and management.


Additionally, we have hosted "A Musician's Guide to a Sustainable Career", exploring topics such as parallel careers, marketing, and performance psychology. Our annual "Audition Prep" workshop invites college-bound students to the University of North Texas' College of Music, providing expert guidance and preparation for the college audition season.


The NTXVAE podcast, "The Singing Entrepreneur", has also featured thought-provoking discussions with industry leaders, including operatic soprano Alexandra Loutsion, on the evolving arts economy and its impact on the vocal arts profession.

The NTXVAE Team and esteemed guest presenters from the professional sphere bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge accumulated over decades, enriching the voice studio and classroom learning experience. Anchored in the conviction that music possesses the power to foster a more compassionate and harmonious society, one that reflects the diversity of our global community, NTXVAE proudly invites artists from all generations, cultures, and backgrounds to share their insights and talents.


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