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NTX Vocal Arts Exchange believes in turning ideas into action, providing knowledge and supplemental skills for those in the Vocal Arts. The Exchange workshops provide essential tools and strategies for fulfilling and innovative professional careers in the arts and parallel careers.


With their decades of insider perspectives and in-depth knowledge of a broad range of skill sets, the Exchange team and guest presenters foster conversations that supplement the in-studio training. 


The Exchange was created with the goal of providing affordable performance-based programs and supplemental information about alternative careers. During the pandemic, we pivoted to online webinars, focusing on the parallel career marketplace and digital technology for virtual auditions and performances.  


The team at NTX Vocal Arts Exchange believes in the power of music to sustain a more humane world, one that reflects the greater community in which we all live.  Artists from all generations, cultures, and backgrounds are welcome to partner with us.  

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